Why shouldn’t we adore books? The feel, the sensation, the smell and the touch of books?

Why shouldn’t we adore the turning of the page, the rustling of paper, the heft, the gravitas and the weight of a book?

Such things are given us to treasure

And yet… the biosphere is at risk. A future in which our children can enjoy books of any kind is at risk…

Dark Green Books believe hardcopy works should be produced with care, not as disposable commodities but as items to be cherished and preserved – as rarities, collectibles – to keep forever upon your bookshelf and leave to your heirs.

Dark Green Books aims to produce limited editions of our authors’ work – and to meet the demands of an international audience for easily available eBooks. Our hardcopy limited editions will be beautifully crafted and bound, each signed by the author. The first and last of each print run will also offer unique additional words contributed by the author, with a personalised dedication to the purchaser. Our eBooks will be cheap, easily accessible and downloadable in a range of convenient formats.

Dark Green Books (and our authors) are more interested in the distribution of good writing than in financial gain. Our readers will be able to make more money than our authors from the re-sale of each downloadable work. As a company, we will never answer to shareholders – and profit will never be our driving motivation.

Read with us.

Savour the writing.

Participate in the greening of the world of books.

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